Our Process

In construction it’s important to build a plan that will keep you within budget, specifications, and time frame. This can feel overwhelming but doesn’t have to be. We work with you, one on one, every step along the way, to bring your ideas together into a manageable project timeline.

step1Step One: 
Our Initial Consultation. This is when we hear your thoughts, ideas and most importantly, your dreams.

step2Step Two:
Presenting a Rough Budget. Together we will assess the feasibility of your project. After discussing your thoughts and ideas we will then provide a rough budget that is usually within %10 (+/-) of the actual construction cost.

step3Step Three: 
Design agreement/engineering agreement: We work through the details of design, material selections and budgets. This contract provides construction ready drawings and construction specifications along with a fixed cost price for the construction contract. This is a separate contract from the construction contract.

step4Step Four: 
Construction begins! We create a scheduled timeline through completion that works for you.